LATERITE: this is the main building material and it is found mostly everywhere.

Bamboo: a good building material with great tensile strength. It can be used to replace iron in concrete reinforcement. It can also be used in the making of windows and doors. Finally a good substitute of iron in the making of burglar proof.

Acacia: it is largely grown for its use as firewood and the making of charcoal. It can be grown everywhere and it can be a good substitute for timber. Acacia when treated is as good as other timbers used in building. Resorting to the use of acacia in lieu of timber will help save our deteriorating forest. We can make window frames, window panels, door frames and door panels with treated acacia. Farmers may be encouraged to grow them for the purpose of replacing timber.

Coconut/palm tree logs: coconut and palm tree logs can also be a good source of building material. Their fiber content makes them good to be used as columns and beams in houses. They can be cuts into boards and therefore be used to make doors, windows and roof structures.


Appropriate Technology (Aprotech) is coupled with technologies that make it design and construction unique. Our aim is not just making the construction of a houses affordable but also the running of the houses.

We look to install rain water harvesting technology plus a biogas system and a backyard garden. This will facilitate the smooth running of a house by saving the tenant from paying for water and gas. Every house will have a space to do a backyard gardening, this is made possible as a result of the nitrogen rich effluent from the biogas system.


As part of Appropriate Technology Housing Concept (ATHC) we install roof gutters to collect rain water and direct them via a PVC pipe into a reservoir underground. The reservoir will hold enough water for use by the tenant.


This is a waste treatment system design to take all organic waste (from the kitchen and the human waste) into a digester that releases gas as methane for cooking.


The bamboo, acacia, coconut and palm tree logs shall be treated before use in order for them to withstand insect attack.

They will be boiled in salt water and then roasted on fire. This is to allow the salt to fill up the pores in the wood making it unattractive to bugs.

Solar Lighting

Aprotech will incorporate in his design the installation of solar power using its own made inverters. This is to keep every home entirely off the grid and to train the youth here in Ghana experts in solar.

Organic Gardening

As Africans we are an outdoor creatures and our livelihood reflects what we are in the things we do and gardening is one part. It’s fun to see the African walk to his/her garden in the morning to pick up what he/she is going to eat. We incorporate gardening in our design to reactivate the African culture of living.


Diasporas come to Ghana to leave in hotels is a sign that they are visiting. From the days of Marcus Garvey till now many leaders from different backgrounds are advocating for the return of Africans to Africa not to visit but to stay. It’s all in the news how Africans are not welcomed in the United States of America. Stories of black brutality is a sign that they should come home and make Africa their empire.


Aprotech Ghana in conjunction with Oiada International see it as a necessity to house Africans who are returning to Africa, to live here and pay visit to the United States. The usual order of coming to Africa to visit and living in the United States as home should be reversed. This is our call and our initiative in providing an affordable two bedroom self-contained apartments in wait for them.


The name for the type of housing scheme will be called the” Appropriate Technology Housing Scheme” with assistance being provided by Oiada International an American NGO based in Cape


APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY HOUSING SCHEME: It is desired to enable the people of this country to acquire decent housing accommodation; the cost of houses presently built is beyond the financial means of the greater proportion of the population: it is therefore necessary to promote research in, and the construction of houses using cheaper local materials, in order to increase the housing stock of the country. It is in this regard Aprotech Ghana is involved in the use of locally made building materials to minimize the cost on housing.

The Core Housing Design

Houses must be designed and built according to the need and convenience of the user. A sleeping place, kitchen and bathroom/toilet facility should be the most prerequisite of every design. The rest being extra and they get added on as and when they are needed. As the family is growing more rooms are built around the core to accommodate the number.


The cost and estimate of one complete self-contained is shown in the excel below


The cost of land, logistics and the house is totaled at $25,000. This can be paid in installment of 25% upon agreement to commence construction.