About Us

The AproTech Ghana Foundation

The AproTech Ghana Foundation is a UK-based charitable organisation established to support the work of the Appropriate Technology Centre, Cape Coast through the provision of grants and the coordination of technical assistance and advocacy.

For more information about the Foundation and our relationship with the Appropriate Technology Centre, read our Operational Structure Chart.

The Appropriate Technology Centre, Cape Coast

The Appropriate Technology Centre (‘the Centre’) is a Ghanaian non-governmental organisation based just outside of Cape Coast in Ghana’s Central Region, that is dedicated to empowering Ghana’s rural poor through appropriate technology.

For over 30 years the Centre has sought to foster sustainable productive activity at a grassroots level by developing technologies that enable workers to overcome local constraints (like low capital stocks or lack of electricity), coordinating trade skills training and supporting the work of small-scale entrepreneurs who are developing innovative local solutions to the problems associated with poverty.

The Centre is built around the vision and life’s work of Dr Kofi Sam, a self-styled misfit in the Ghanaian elite. He is a man who has witnessed the post-independence evolution of his West-African homeland from a variety of angles – professor, industrialist, politician, and citizen – and has distilled this cumulative experience into a compelling perspective on where Africa is going wrong and how it can right itself.

Dr Sam’s development philosophy is simple: what the rural poor lack, above all, is opportunity. By giving them access to locally appropriate technologies and skills you can create the opportunities they need to work their way out of poverty.

For more information about Dr Sam’s work and vision, read our Manifesto.

The Nnoboa Village Technology Centre

The Nnoboa Village Technology Centre will be the flagship project of the Centre. It will be a community centre established at the village of Aburansa in the Central Region of Ghana to demonstrate locally appropriate productive practices to the rural poor and provide them with access to the locally appropriate technologies they need to implement these practices.

The objects of the project are:

  1. To enhance the rural poor’s capacity to use the environmental resources around them to generate income and meet their basic human needs (food, shelter, clothing medicine) sustainably, by empowering them to overcome local economic constraints to sustainable production (lack of capital; lack of appropriate skills and tools).
  2. To create a replicable and scalable model for overcoming barriers to production and creating opportunities in marginalised rural areas in Ghana and across Africa.

The project will pursue a uniquely African model to empowering the rural poor that integrates two guiding principles – the spirit of the traditional Ghanaian practice of ‘Nnoboa’ (community assistance) and the belief that technologies and practices the rural poor use must be locally appropriate to be productive and sustainable.

For more information on the how the project will function read the Project Outline.


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